02.04.2014 22:03
NsPro v6.7.1 released:
Added G350, G3815, G7580, I9060, I9080, I407, T399, I8260 FULL Support. Added Android 4.3 and ...
23.12.2013 13:17
NsPro v6.7.0 released:
Added G730A, S7390, S6790, S5310, I257, SM-C101 full support. Improved several Android operati...
09.10.2013 17:50
NsPro v6.6.8 released:
Added I9500 IMEI repair, I527, I527m, T599, T599n, S7710, M919n, I9505 new security, I337 new ...
13.08.2013 14:38
NsPro v6.6.7 released:
Added I8262, I8552, I9152, I9205, S7270, S7270L Full Support. Added I747, T999 new security su...
26.07.2013 13:25
NsPro v6.6.6 released:
Added i9195, i9190, i9295, i537, i9200 Support. Is highly recommended to use latest NsPro vers...
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