02.04.2014 22:03
NsPro v6.7.1 released:
Added G350, G3815, G7580, I9060, I9080, I407, T399, I8260 FULL Support. Added Android 4.3 and ...
23.12.2013 13:17
NsPro v6.7.0 released:
Added G730A, S7390, S6790, S5310, I257, SM-C101 full support. Improved several Android operati...
09.10.2013 17:50
NsPro v6.6.8 released:
Added I9500 IMEI repair, I527, I527m, T599, T599n, S7710, M919n, I9505 new security, I337 new ...
13.08.2013 14:38
NsPro v6.6.7 released:
Added I8262, I8552, I9152, I9205, S7270, S7270L Full Support. Added I747, T999 new security su...
26.07.2013 13:25
NsPro v6.6.6 released:
Added i9195, i9190, i9295, i537, i9200 Support. Is highly recommended to use latest NsPro vers...
In order to be able to access the downloads' section, you must install the latest program, and use the 'Support' button within the program. The dongle must be plugged in for the support area to work.

You can download the latest version from HERE
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